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F L O W E R S  I N S P I R E D  B Y  N A T U R E



Kidge is a London based floral design studio, run by Katie and her husband Dan.  Katie is inspired by wild and natural beauty, and her designs are imaginative, unstructured, and artistic.  She works with nature to sculpt beautiful, textural, statement florals.

For Katie, floral design is the most extraordinary way to combine nature and creativity, and she is constantly inspired by the changing elements of the natural world which is reflected through her designs.  From large scale installations to delicate bouquets, every element of floral design tells it’s own story and brings its own unique narrative.

We work on weddings, events, and bespoke projects to produce floral designs that perfectly capture the right atmosphere for the occasion.  Our designs are wild and untamed, and will blend into your venue as if they have grown there. 


Please get in touch if you'd like to chat about flowers.




Weddings and Events

Weddings and Events


Weddings and events are the most wonderful way to reflect your personal style and taste through bespoke floral designs.


After an initial chat about your floral vision, I will work to create you something unique and will be there to deliver and create your beautiful flowers on the day.

Please get in touch through my contact page to see how we can make your day even more magical through flowers.

Words cannot describe how much your flowers brought to my wedding. I kept crying on and off every time I looked at the bouquet before I left the house….I spend my life sorting flowers for brand events and never thought I would ever get to have something so beautiful for myself.

And then…when we got to the venue…my god what a treat. That installation was everything and more I couldn’t take my eyes off it all night.

Thank you for bringing your vision to my wedding and making everything perfect.



Get in touch

Please write to me to find out about weddings, events and bespoke floral design.

07729 725891

London, UK

Thanks for your message, I will be in touch!

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